The History of Snap-on Incorporated and Tool Manufacturing in S.E. Wisconsin

Monday, June 5, 2017
7:00 p. m.

Snap-on, Incorporated
IdeaForge within Innovation Works
2801 - 80th Street
Kenosha, WI  53143

In June, Preservation Racine has a rare opportunity to visit Snap-on and learn more about the tool industry and business development in S.E. Wisconsin as a result of special efforts by Edgar Hoffman, a former Snap-on employee and Preservation Racine member. Patrick Donohue, General Manager – Innovation Works, at Snap-on will be our guest speaker at the June Preservation Racine Membership Meeting at Snap-on in Kenosha. Snap-on was founded in 1920 by Joe Johnson and three co-founders and has been manufacturing hand tools in S.E. Wisconsin since the 1920s. Pat will talk about Snap-on over the past 97 years in the IdeaForge , where the original forge and plant were located. After his presentation, visitors will have the opportunity to tour the Snap-on Museum. Pat Donohue; Terri Wruck, Snap-on Charitable Contributions & Museum Manager; Rich Caskey, a retired Snap-on V.P. and P.R. member; and Edgar Hoffman will be stationed in the Museum to help explain the items and answer questions. Greg Johnson, a retired Snap-on V.P. and a grandson of Snap-on founder, Joseph Johnson, will also tentatively be there. Snap-on is located at 2801 80th Street in Kenosha. You may go south on Sheridan Road or Ohio Street (22nd Avenue) to 80th Street and turn right onto 80th Street to 28th Avenue. Snap-on is on the south side of 80th Street. You may also go south on Green Bay Road to Highway 50 (75th Street) and turn left on Highway 50 (75th Street). Take Highway 50 (75th Street) to 30th Avenue and turn south (right) on 30th Avenue to 80th Street. Turn left onto 80th Street and the entrance to Snap-on is just beyond the first light. The Innovation Works & Museum entrance is halfway toward the rear of the facility. a guide will be there to help you before the meeting. Parking will be available in the parking lot. Snap-on is a Corporate Silver Member of Preservation Racine and has been a generous donor to Preservation Racine. Snap-on takes an active interest in the well being of its local community.
​Proposed Bylaw Changes
​​The board is continuing to review the bylaws and has several changes that will be discussed at the June membership meeting.

1. Article III Membership update section 2 –
2. Article VI Section 6 remove this section -- remove appointed members of board of directors
3. Article VI add section on electronic meetings – allows members to attend meeting electronically
4. Article IX: Fiscal Policies change to calendar year --
5 add Article X1 Affiliation with the Wisconsin Historical Society - required to join Wisconsin Historical Society
6 add Article XII Dissolution -- required to join Wisconsin Historical Society

A marked up copy showing the bylaw changes is posted on the Preservation Racine web site. If you would like a copy
please call 262-634-5748 and we can send one to you.

We will vote on these changes at the next membership meeting in August.

We will also discuss the next round of changes at the August meeting.

If you have any questions call Don Schumacher President of Preservation Racine.

Don Schumacher